by The Suggestions

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New single from Mr. Duck Records. Only available at Bandcamp.


released February 14, 2012

John Brodeur - vocals, guitars, percussion, piano, drums on "Janet"
Keith Hosmer - bass guitar
Jason Schultz - the drums

"Starlet" recorded by Pete Donnelly at the Palais Royale. Mixed by Brett Portzer. Mastered by Ken West. Originally released in 2003 on "International Pop Overthrow Vol. 6" (Not Lame Records).

"Janet" recorded by John Brodeur with Brett Portzer and Ryan Slowey at North Sea. Mixed by John Brodeur. Mastered by Terry McClain.

Cover photograph by Alicia Solsman. Design by John Brodeur.



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Track Name: Starlet
Save me, Starlet, come on, catch me if you can
You've got me in the palm of your little tiny hand
When you hover above you make me feel like a man
And I don't understand

Feeling lazy on a Thursday afternoon
Flipping channels, hoping you'll be coming soon
You'll float through my window like a helium balloon
And you never come too soon
You never come too soon

And when I fall asleep
I dream I can follow you
Don't you know I've thought about it
Mapped it out and laughed about it, too
Will I find you?

I've never known a person who could get so high
When the sun is out I cannot see you in the sky
You are far too beautiful for my perverted eyes
You cut me down to size

So save me, starlet, see me sitting on your stairs
Send me a telegram and promise you'll be there
Pick me up and carry me into the air
And take me anywhere
You can take me there

And when you fly away
I wish I could follow you
I swear I've tried everything
From rocket ships to homemade wings, it's true
Will I find you?

Trails follow you just like an airplane
Where's the string, there's no puppeteer
I'm enraptured, I'm astonished
I'm enraptured, I'm astonished
I'm converted, I'm converted
I'm converted, I'm converted
I'm converted, I'm converted
I'm converted
Track Name: Janet
Janet, I'm sorry I left you standing there
Surprised, in your Sunday dress, flowers in your hair
If you pull yourself together you'll come out of this alright
But I'll be in someone else's arms tonight

You won't forgive me when you find out what I've done
Your girlfriend, she's so attractive, I just had to be the one
To show her you were bragging, not exaggerating at all
Janet, I'm sorry, this is your own fault
And I'm sorry I came 'round at all