by John Brodeur

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released February 14, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Infected (Birds and Bees version)
I’m so in love with you
Infected by your smile
And all my biggest fears
They line up single file
And fall like dominoes
Into your abyss
I’m fractured by your voice
Complicated by your kiss

And when you turn your gaze upon me
I turn to stone
Yours are the bluest eyes
An ocean on which I can float away

I’m completely dazed
Stumbling like a drunk
I’m so into your scene
I want to be the only one
To watch you fall asleep
And be there when you wake
Worshiping my shrine
At the altar of your face

And when there’s nothing on the radio
I dream of you
You are the sweetest song
I sing along to you
(La la la la la la la)

So if you ever go
I will be lonely don’t you know
But I won’t crash and burn
Awaiting your return
‘Cause my heart’s open wide
And my feelings are true
Come on take a ride
I’m so in love with you